Hiii, my name is Christa! I'm a wife, mother, and the woman behind the camera here at Aster & Daffodil Photo Co! 

As a military family, we've had the privilege to travel and live in a couple different parts of the country so far but, right now, we call Delaware home! 

When I'm not out having a blast at photo sessions, weddings, or editing away, you'll find me enjoying time with my littles and hubby. Whether that be hiking around admiring the beauty of nature around us, going for walks, or playing in the backyard with our chickens, we're pretty much always outdoors during nice, warm weather! 


Meet The Artist Behind The Lens

I never want to stop making memories with you

how it started

What started as a little fun hobby, turned into a burning passion. A passion for telling stories, documenting memories, and creating art through photographs. 

Through the years, photos have been something I've always cherished. It's all I have left of some of my loved ones. I've been behind the camera for well over 15 years now and in business since 2020. 

As your photographer, I'm going to create a stress free experience where you get to be yourself, have some fun, and, in return, receive the priceless gift of stunning warm, true to life art that you will enjoy for eternity.